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Let’s Get This Party Started

August 28, 2007

Hey there.

And welcome to the first post of a new blog for those of us who are so compelled to put words on paper or screens (without the use of crayons).

As writers, we have the unique job of where we do what we do often in the solitary silence of our own minds. If you are lucky to work for a newspaper or public relations area of a business, you do have the added benefit of being involved with people for much of what you do.

But you still end up doing what you do on your own. It’s not like building a house where more often than not, it takes a few folks working together.

So this is the blog I offer to those who are compelled to being a writer (if we want to or not). Writing is tough, but worth it. And reading here, we will all learn what that means.

Be sure to check out The Writers Wing portion of my site at

Until next time, write well, write often, write because you have a reason.


David Stoddard

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