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A Bit About Me

April 28, 2009

David Stoddard…

…is a professional writer specializing in the areas of personal motivation and writing.
…is the common voice which we’ve all heard in our own minds at one time or other.
…doesn’t believe life should be as serious as many would have us believe.
…may not do it himself, but he knows what is needed for writers to do.
…really does do more than sit in the EZ chair from morning til night.
…knows work is needed to succeed, but it takes thinking first.
…hated English class, but manages to write okie dokie.
…believes Weird Al Yankovic is a musical god.
…really can be funny from time to time.
…likes pizza and Chinese food.
…is transitioning right now.
…is his real name.
…needs a nap.
…has a blog

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David Stoddard

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