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Ok, Let’s Start Today

July 6, 2009

I know what you’re thinking. Can’t David make up his mind when he is going to write something? Boy, 2 posts in a single day on this blog. Dude, what gives?

I mentioned that 80% of writing success comes from being there, getting started and just writing. Now I can already here the whole premise that you have to be able to write to be successful.. And to that I say yes. But in order to write well, you first must write. There is now real other way around it. (unless you talk what you want to write, I suppose that can count as not getting started per se, though you must start with that as well).

Anyway, before I get even more wordy that what is already been worded, let’s set the tone for this blog and what is to follow.

For those who have read this off and on over the past year or 2 or whatever versions my blog(s) have taken, you’ll notice they have been a bit all over the place.

I started of writing kinda-sorta preachy posts about getting off our tails to make something of ourselves. That worked for a while until I found myself losing interest in that way of doing things. Hey, there are only so many ways you can advise others (and myself at times) to get off your tail and do what you need to do to get to where you want to go.

So, back to this blog and what the focus is…..

  • Writing
  • Getting Started Writing
  • Learning Through Writing
  • Finding Focus Through Writing
  • Writing Because You’ve Always Wanted To Write
  • Getting Over Past Feelings Of Writing Failure From Years Ago
  • Fighting Former Fears Of The Red Pen Police

It’s that simple. Kinda.

Together, we will begin…

  • Writing more
  • Creating more
  • Learning more
  • Understanding more
  • Fearing less
  • Stalling less
  • Wishing we were writing less

What has be getting focused on all of this (and what is the picture of Bruno doing up there)……

The blog I started for my girlfriend’s daughter’s dog’s Vacation Blog on MySpace. Bruno is writing of his adventures during the past few days. Will it continue after they get back, most likely. Daily, not sure. But more than if he didn’t sit and get started in the first place.

Check him out here

For now, get started with these….

  • What I did for the 4th of July……
  • What I should have done on the 4th of July…..
  • What George Washington would say today…..
  • Who 3 people would you most want to go on vacation with… write about it…..

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David Stoddard

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  1. Paper Tiger Press permalink
    December 17, 2010 12:02 am

    Crazy stuff, but hey helping motivate people to write gets a smile from me. Quantity = Quality?

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