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Night Owls Write

July 10, 2009

(Photo credit, Terry Riffey)

Here it is, another night and I am on the computer doing the usual roaming of the Internets, checking email (which this time of night makes no sense), and trying not to get too addicted to any more games of Facebook.

For years, I had been one of those night owls you hear about. I wouldn’t go to bed until after Midnight or 1ish. Boy things change as you get a tad older, though I hope to get back to that.

There just is something not as perfect writing during the day for me. And yet that is when one is most awake. I have thought (briefly) about getting thick dark curtains and hang those up to keep the house dark, almost night like. But I am sure that would just make me feel like I am in the Addams Family house, so that’s out.

But how about you? Day writer or night owl?

Your Nighttime Assignment:

  • Write about the dark
  • My first time alone in the dark that I remember..
  • Write about your own rhythms of the night
  • Your favorite M. Night Shyamalan movie and why

Good night everyone. (or is it morning)?


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David Stoddard

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