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What can I tell you about myself that won’t have you running out to the kitchen searching for overly-caffeinated coffee just to make it through this page?

I’m an introverted, indecisive Gemini, who loves procrastination, thinking about thinking about getting things done, and having Weird Al Yankovic as my rolling model.

While Al and myself look nothing alike, I like to feel we have things in common. We both have a rather off the wall sense of humor that we share. (just wish he would let me borrow it more often).

He has way more hair than I do. He has millions of fans and he can play the accordion. Ummm. ok, so we don’t have that much in common as I previously thought. But back to the about me stuff.

As for where the Unmotivated Motivational Writer came along? Like so many other things, it just happened. There was no plan, no idea, nothing appeared to me in a dream or while I was rearranging the letters in my alphabet soup.

The title itself seemed to fit perfectly. It connected my unmotivatedness beautifully with my ability to write fairly okie dokie. And maybe this helps prove the old saying – If you truly want to learn something, stand up in the basement as if you are giving a presentation and bore the living daylights out of your collection of stuffed animals and imaginary friends with your never-ending ramblings about a given topic until you start understanding just what you are talking about.

You get the point.

After a few years of doing that on my own, the stuffed animals moved away and I was left with the seemingly necessary need to search for an audience.

Hey! Build a web site (said all of the experts in the world on online stuff). Like the voice in Field of Dreams said, if you build it, they will come bringing fried rice and a pizza. I’m still waiting for the pizza. So I did.

And after a few years, evolved into a page where I could reinvent it every few weeks (ala Madonna). Funny thing is, despite the reinventions, nothing really changed. The focus, the glamor, the photogs hounding me for secret pictures of me out of the EZchair and in a fast food restaurant never changed.

So I decided to come here and funny things up a bit. Get away from the whole serious motivational, self-improvement, guidance, teaching, preaching, yelling (can you do that while typing) and trying to inspire folks to get off their butts and do something.

I found out that it’s pretty tough for a guy who is seen always sitting on his butt to tell others to get off theirs. Something about that just doesn’t work. So now this is why the rambling portion with silly bits and pieces of stuff are tossed out there in ebooks, postings, the occasional video and greeting cards comes in.

And yes, it’s still motivational and self-improvementy. It’s just in a completely semi-different style and image ya may not be used to. Hopefully enjoyable, useful and provides the necessary restroom reading material you may have wished for during the current century.

So thank you for your time (for those who have made it to the end of this about me thingy, that shows dedication or a need of a hobby).

And thanks also for sharing this moment with me.

Now get out there, get off your butt, get a life, get a job, get a hobby and get outta your own way.

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